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Long Shot is a good one. It's a 40 min True Crime story featuring a baseball game and Curb Your Enthusiasm. I found it via a recommendation on this sub-reddit. It made me gasp at one point, fight back tears at another point and shake my head throughout at how fragile the justice system in the US can be Re-Cast Danny Devito as the Main Character in Emily in Paris. The protagonist of Emily in Paris tells me that as long as you're an extremely attractive person, anything can go your way. Everything goes too well for Emily. My request for Netflix is to flip the tables and re-cast Emily with Danny Devito The best documentaries I have seen on Netflix are the Culture High, Virunga, Pumping Iron and the David Attenborough series Previously covered awesomeness I'd recommend: COSMOS (start with the old Sagan one, it's the best), Wonders of the Universe, Wonders of the Solar System, Planet Earth, Earth II, Frozen Planet, LIFE, etc. EDIT FOR MORE DOCS. NOTE - lots of good suggestions in the comments. I tried to comment on the ones I've already seen and like. SCIENCE I The three-episode documentary Murder Among the Mormons is among the best Netflix original documentaries streaming right now. Over the course of just under three hours, the film chronicles a series..

54 of the best documentaries on Netflix right now Our edit of the best Netflix documentaries right now, selected by the WIRED editorial team and updated twice monthly By WIRE Tiger King: Murder, Mayhem, and Madness (2020) 2020 will forever be known as the year of the coronavirus and the year of Joe Exotic, Tiger King. Eric Goode and Rebecca Chaiklin's docuseries on. Night Stalker: The Hunt for a Serial Killer: Limited Series (2021)73%. #36. Adjusted Score: 75.608%. Critics Consensus: Though Night Stalker: The Hunt for a Serial Killer succumbs to the sensational side of true crime, it paints a fascinating, chilling portrait of a killer and the city he terrorized

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  1. Making a Murderer (2015-Present) Arguably, this is one of the most influential true crime documentaries from Netflix. This doc looks at the imprisonment, exoneration, re-arrest, and subsequent.
  2. i-documentary series, Five Came Back tells the story of five Hollywood filmmakers who enlisted in the armed forces to document World War II. Their work is analyzed by five contemporary film directors—Paul Greengrass, Steven Spielberg, Francis Ford Coppola, Guillermo del Toro, and Lawrence Kasdan—and all the archival footage featured in the documentary is narrated by Meryl Streep
  3. Chef's Table goes inside the lives and kitchens of six of the world's most renowned international chefs. Each episode focuses on a single chef and their unique look at their lives, talents and passion from their piece of culinary heaven. Stars: Dan Barber, Massimo Bottura, Bill Buford, Lara Gilmore. Votes: 13,234
  4. The original Planet Earth is available to stream on Binge, with the sequel on Stan and the more recent TV series, Our Planet, is available to stream in 4K on Netflix. But if you really want the best version available, you can order Planet Earth II in 4K/HDR from Amazon. Stream it on Binge. 2. Icarus
  5. Let's look at some of the documentaries that you can watch today on Netflix that might inspire you with their visions of compelling artistry, incredible design and bursting creativity. Iris (2014
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Jiro Dreams of Sushi (2011) A festival for the senses and an ode to perfectionism, David Gelb's foodie bait commands attention with cinematography so gorgeous that you'll want to lick your TV. The film is a tough watch, but if you can stomach it, it's a gripping documentary that will leave you haunted. 2 Tiger King. View on Netflix. Netflix's breakout hit of 2020 is Tiger King, a fantastic true crime saga that tells the story of the rising success and major downfall of Joe Exotic The streaming service offers a wide array of non-fiction films. Here are 25 of the best documentaries on Netflix right now The 29 best documentaries to watch on Netflix in 2021. Both new and old, here are the best documentaries to binge on Netflix. Mark Serrels. April 18, 2021 3:19 p.m. PT. Listen - 00:26

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The 20 best documentaries on Netflix Australia in 2020 Netflix has hit it out of the park with original productions like Jim & Andy, The White Helmets, Tiger King and a trove of quality feature. From Oscar-winning and -nominated works of journalism, to rock docs and pop-culture biographies, to emotional and thrilling examinations of society, these are the best documentaries on Netflix in. Often overlooked are the fantastic documentaries streaming on their service that sometimes prove Netflix is a great source for watching TV shows and movies What are the best documentaries on Netflix to watch right now? We're about to show you We've created a list of the 25 best Netflix documentaries to go and check out right now! The 25 Best Documentaries on Netflix to Watch Right Now The documentaries and figures mentioned below have been compiled from various [ Actor and director Damon Gameau embarks on a mission to uncover the truth about so-called 'healthy' foods, and the effects of a high sugar diet on a healthy body. 11 Life Off Grid

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Whether you're WFH or avidly seeking out the truth right about now, these are some of the best documentaries for you to stream on Netflix the best documentaries on netflix reddit Netflix Best on Streaming . The Best Documentaries on Netflix Right Now. July 13, 2020 July 18,. Here are our Netflix guides for the best war movies, documentaries, anime, movies based on true stories, and comedy specials streaming right now. This article is regularly updated for relevance.

Like art itself, the art documentaries on Netflix are quite diverse. We've sifted through the streaming platform for the 10 best to watch right now 15 Best Cult Documentaries, Ranked Cults can be equal parts fascinating and horrifying, and here are 15 of the best documentaries which shine a light on their inner workings. By Amanda Weaver Updated Nov 19, 202 The documentary which ranks 7th on our list of best bitcoin documentaries to watch on Netflix, YouTube and Amazon Prime also talks about the negative side of using bitcoin as well

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Even if the Netflix version is perhaps the more ethically dubious of the two documentaries, one could argue that meta-layer of behind-the-scenes turmoil also adds to the experience: You start to. Watch on: Netflix US, Brazil, Japan, and more About a sushi master and his son running their restaurant. It's a simple documentary, but their work ethic is incredible. It's a good lesson on. Read More: Best War Movies on Netflix. 3. Churchill's First World War (2013) This documentary is about Winston Churchill who had a lust for the war and masterminded the involvement of Britain in World War I. His wife Clementine Churchill also supported his enthusiasm towards the war and laid down the necessary frameworks required 25 best documentaries on Amazon Prime, according to critics NOTE: For this list, we only looked at films with over 30 reviews on Rotten Tomatoes to find films that critics have given a true.

5 Best Documentaries on Netflix. Casting Jon Benet . Casting Jon Benet comes in the top 5 best documentaries which tell us the story about the death of American child beauty Jon benet who was found choked in her house when she was 6 years old. This documentary is made putting a lot of thoughts. It is a classic documentary 7 Conspiracy Theory Documentaries on Netflix Worth Watching. Here's a list of the seven best conspiracy theory documentaries available for your viewing pleasure on Netflix. 7

These are 16 of the best historical documentaries on Netflix listed in chronological order. 1. Great Human Odyssey — 80,000 bc . The future of humanity was forever changed nearly 80,000 years. Netflix is the best place to look for an excellent documentary. We've compiled the best of the best documentaries on Netflix to keep you both entertained and up to date on everything that's going. The Reddit-GameStop Saga Is A 'Billions' Episode Happening In Real-Time. The Best Conspiracy Documentaries On Netflix Right Now. Zach Johnston Twitter Life Writer. December 23, 2020 To rank 11 best military documentaries on Netflix streaming in 2015, we had to devise a system. Going simply by IMDb rating just wouldn't cut it, although we did include it in our final ranking

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The 29 Best True Crime Documentaries You Can Watch Right Now; 26 True Crime Documentaries Every Highsnobiety Reader Should See at Least Once. 2020-03-18 18:21 in Movies Words By Alec Banks. Netflix The 29 best documentaries on Netflix. Get your fix of real-life thrills with our list of the best documentaries to stream on Netflix UK right now. By Time Out London Film and Sarah Cohen Posted:. 5 Documentaries on Netflix Christians Should Consider - Christian Movie Reviews Christian blog and commentary on Crosswalk.com

The Reddit-GameStop Saga Is A 'Billions' Episode Happening In Real The Best Documentaries On Netflix Right Now, Ranked. Hulu The best documentaries shine a spotlight on the strange,. Many of the best true-crime documentaries have a pronounced truth is stranger than fiction element, but Skye Borgman's 2019 feature turns that aspect up to 11

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From a film that chronicles the last year of President Barack Obama's tenure through the lens of his foreign policy team to a heart-warming documentary that follows autistic adolescents preparing for a formal dance, these compelling documentaries are more than worth your time. Here are our picks for the best documentaries on HBO Go to stream now Here are 25 of the best documentaries that you can stream right now. 1. 13th (2016) Let's hope that this meditative, sumptuous documentary never leaves Netflix's shores The 19 Best Documentaries On Netflix UK Reflect Our Weird World. From 'Jeffrey Epstein: Filthy Rich' to 'The Last Dance', these works tell compelling stories and uncover dark truths

30 Best True Crime Documentaries To Stream In 2021 On Reddit threads, and This three-part Netflix documentary delves into the mystery of the Salt Lake City pipe bombings in 1985 that. We sifted through the best documentaries on Netflix to find the 17 films with the highest Rotten Tomatoes scores. Music documentaries, nature films, political deep-dives, and more Here we present some of the best documentaries on Amazon Prime, with options for all interest groups from the typical true crime to the exploration of a long-forgotten band to girl power Netflix is promoting a new Black Lives Matter collection to U.S. subscribers, featuring over 45 titles about racial injustice and the experience of black Americans. These are the Netflix documentaries, films, and TV series in the collection we recommend you start with

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We love documentaries at WIRED and, as this list proves, there are dozens of great ones worthy of your time and attention. They are all available to stream in the UK, including some for free via. Reddit is a trove of movie recommendations. The sprawling message board contains gold mines for neophytes and cinéastes alike. Take the Documentaries subreddit, for example, a place where.

What do you do when you have come close to smashing through the entire library of documentaries on Netflix? Head over to YouTube of course! Just like Netflix, YouTube is great at providing content that sends you down the rabbit hole and spurts you out in another dimension. So here are 30 of the best YouTube documentaries that you can watch for. Netflix has an extensive library of feature films, documentaries, TV shows, anime, award-winning Netflix originals, and more. Watch as much as you want, anytime you want. JOIN NO

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Netflix has some great movies to chill out with this 420, from stoner comedy classic to some eye-opening drug documentaries The best free documentaries on YouTube 1. 13th . In this Academy Award-nominated documentary feature, filmmaker Ava DuVernay examines systemic racism and the persistent horror of slavery in the.

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10 Best New Shows on Netflix: April 2021's Top Upcoming Series to Watch The 8 Best and Creepiest Alien Documentaries on Netflix . By Kayla Cobb @ kaylcobb Jul 20,. Read More: Best Sports Documentary Movies on Netflix. 1. Killer Kids (2011) 'Killer Kids', a Canadian documentary series, revolves around kids capable of committing the most ghastly murders. One occult-related crime is about 15-year-old Elyse, who was killed by three male teenagers who are members of a heavy metal band, as a sacrifice to. The best documentaries of 2019 had one thing in common — they were unconventional. Film docs are moving away from talking-head experts and toward more visceral ways of telling stories, and these. Check out the list below to see some of the best documentaries available on Netflix. to care for a city with a continued water crisis and persistent violence in this Netflix documentary

The Absolute Best Documentaries on Netflix There's no shortage of moving documentaries on Netflix. Here are the ones worth watching. By Thrillist Entertainment. Updated on 3/31/2021 at 6:12 P Emmy Predictions 2020: Best Documentary or Nonfiction Special HBO and Netflix look to fend off fresh competitors in a race that may come down to where voters' allegiance lies. [Updated September 11 Best documentaries on Netflix: Honorable mentions. There are countless great documentaries on Netflix that just didn't make the cut. Here's a look at a few other Netflix documentaries worth.

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We've rounded up some of the best science documentaries on Netflix. These offer interesting facts, along with stunning sceneries and storylines. Since they're all between 45 to 90 minutes long, you can finish them in one sitting The Reddit-GameStop Saga Is A 'Billions' Episode Happening In Real-Time. The Best Documentary Series On Netflix Right Now. Jessica Toomer Twitter Contributor. August 12, 2020 Here is a list of 9 war documentaries available on Netflix that you can watch this weekend. Watch untold story through archival footage, images, and interviews Home » News » 8 Best Outdoor Documentaries Streaming on Netflix We'd all rather go out and live the outdoors than watch someone else do it, but there's nothing wrong with getting a little. From classic docs like Grey Gardens and Grizzly Man to Netflix's and Hulu's competing Fyre Festival films to true crime documentaries with a twist, we recommend 10 of the strangest.

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The 2017 Oscar winner for Best Documentary Feature, Ezra Edelman's five-part, seven-hour exposé on the life and legacy of O.J. Simpson examines the football star's rise and fall—and the murder. Netflix has an array of political documentary shows and films — many of which are among some of the best ever made. The documentaries on the platform will sharpen your wit about everything from. Home > Entertainment > The Best Drug Documentaries On Netflix Right Now The Best Drug Documentaries On Netflix Right Now By Karlton Jahmal April 22, 2018 16:08. 57K Views 3 4. 3.

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Looking for a good deep dive into some organized crime after watching Fear City: New York vs the Mafia? Netflix has you covered. Here are the best mafia and mob documentaries on Netflix The Best Crime Documentaries on Netflix Netflix has become a leader in the true-crime genre with these docuseries and documentaries. By Thrillist Entertainment. Updated on 2/10/2021 at 5:40 P

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Documentaries are designed to inform. If you're a fan of a good old true story, check out these 10. Netflix is full of hundreds of films, tv shows, animations, and practically whatever you are looking for. Documentaries are hidden gems within Netflix's catalog (some perhaps not so hidden). Whether you want your mind blown, your opinions challenged, or simply to learn about something you never. 25 of the best documentaries to watch on Netflix in 2017. By Brent McCluskey. Jan. 11, 2017. Share. Netflix is known for their epic original series like The OA, Luke Cage, Daredevil,. Documentaries are all the rage lately, especially with interesting releases like Fyre and the Joan Didion piece, The Center Will Not Hold, on Netflix (directed by Didion's nephew, no less).We love the options that Netflix has to offer, but there are definitely other ways to catch these informative works of art, like watching the best documentaries on YouTube 10 best food documentaries on Netflix Cooked. This four-part limited Netflix series was brought to us by award-winning food writer and author Michael Pollan and renowned filmmaker Alex Gibney. This beautiful series shows us the notion that when we learned to cook was when we truly became human Documentaries enjoyed a boom in 2019, particularly on streaming services. These are the best Netflix original documentaries of 2019. Updated December 2019

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Culture Netflix Movies Documentaries Documentary Film With live concerts and festivals restricted to streaming for the foreseeable future, music lovers can still enjoy the next best thing—great. The best documentaries of all time include controversial classics by Michael Moore and brilliant concert films by Jonathan Demme and Martin Scorsese Check out some of the best true crime documentaries you can stream right now on Netflix, Amazon Prime, Hulu, and other platforms. 1. I Love You, Now Die (2019 From Paris is Burning to Amy, 13th to Honeyland, see TIME's list of the best documentaries you can watch now The best true crime documentaries and how to stream them if you like American Murder: The Family Next Door. The list includes murder mystery Netflix documentaries, new HBO documentaries, and more

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