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Here is what you need to do to make sure that you don't have a Macbook pro blinking folder with a question mark during startup: Step 1: You should always connect your SSD through a USB adapter or even any external connection option and enter Disk... Step 2: The critical SSD will be displayed in Disk. A folder with a flashing question mark means that your startup disk is no longer available or doesn't contain a working Mac operating system. If the question mark only appears momentarily before your Mac starts up normally: Reset NVRAM. Make sure your preferred startup disk is selected in Startup Disk preferences If you're 2012 macbook pro a1278 is having flashing blinking folder with question mark, turning off randomly, computer freeze randomly, or white screen of de.. Case 1: When MacBook displays the error for a few seconds but boots. Step 1: Go to Apple menu > System Preferences > Startup Disk. Step 2: Click the icon of the Startup Disk that is generally named as Macintosh HD. Step 3: Click Restart; your Mac won't display flashing folder with question mark again

How to Fix Folder with Flashing Question Mark on MacBook

By Kenny Hemphill, Contributor | 25 Jul 17 There are few things that strike as much fear into the hearts of Mac users as the dreaded flashing folder with question mark in the middle of the screen.. Hello, If your MacBook pro or iMac or MacBook Air starts booting up with an question mark folder blinking , this question mark on mac is tell you that your b.. How to Fix Mac Flashing Folder With A Question Mark. If the issue is with your Computer or a Laptop you should try using Restoro which can scan the repositories and replace corrupt and missing files. This works in most cases, where the issue is originated due to a system corruption. You can download Restoro by clicking the Download button below I have a Macbook Pro mid 2009, and I think I am running 10.7, I honestly can't remember which exact software, but that would be my best guess. I am getting the blinking/flashing folder with a question mark on it. HELP! Leading up to this my laptop did the following in the last few days: Unexpectedly shuts down during use Rach, the folder with the question mark means the computer cannot find the startup system. This could happens because files that are needed to boot the computer are damaged, or the drive's directory is damaged. This can also happen when your computer has a dead drive.Try rebooting your computer... - MacBook Air 13 Mid 201

Everything works fine except of following issue: from time to time my Macbook shows a blinking grey folder icon with a question mark in it. It happens quite randomly as far as I can judge. Sometimes it happens when typing in my password to log in, other times when I reopen the Macbook Have a mid 2014 A1502 MacBook Pro 13. Power it on. Give it a few seconds a flashing question mark folder flashes. Went online and found the cause of it. Did hold option while powering up. Hard drive didn't pop up. So powered off. Tried command and r. That worked to start repair utilities The mac question mark folder is a sign that your Mac cannot locate its system boot folder. Therefore your Mac cannot load the macOS from the hard drive to the memory in order to start up the macOS. In plain English, the mac question mark folder means: * Your startup hard disk or logic board is faulty - hardware related issues o A flashing file folder with a question mark on start-up is an indication that Mac is not able to boot because start-up disk cannot be located. In other words your Mac is saying no boot device found or your start-up files, or the hard drive, or MacOS has been corrupted or damaged . You can face two different scenarios The icon of the flashing folder with question mark MacBook air is indirectly indicating the absence of a boot device. This means that your mac is not able to find its startup disk which is preventing it from booting. Moreover, there can be two cases related to the MacBook pro flashing folder question mark startup

How to White Screen Problem Fix on Macbook pro Blinking

How to Fix Macbook Pro Flashing Folder, Blinking Question

  1. If the File Question Mark Only Shows Briefly. Resolving the file question mark problem on MacBook Pro isn't too difficult, especially if you've got the light yet still annoying version of the issue. Here's how to do it: Open the Apple menu on your MacBook Pro. Select System Preferences, followed by Startup Disk
  2. The on-screen question mark tells you that the computer has not been able to find a valid boot partition. Either the internal drive has suffered from a hardware failure, or essential system files required for booting are damaged or missing. You.
  3. my 2009 macbook pro has a blinking question mark and i know that means theres something wrong with my hardrive, i was wondering if i can some how get all the memory on that computer to another one because there are some important stuff that i need on that computer but i cant access

The Mac doesn't start, but hangs at a blue or grey screen Persistent blue or grey screens when you boot up your Mac tend to be caused by a peripheral. Power off the Mac. Disconnect everything.. Hi all, I have a mid-2009 Macbook Pro with the gray screen and blinking question mark/folder. I've spent hours and days following tutorials on the internet and am now ready to post in a forum after exhausting the potential solutions I've found. Background -purchased mid 2009 Macbook Pro..

We're to help you if you're trying to figure out how to fix a Mac that won't start. While your Apple products, whether they be a Mac, iPad, or iPhone, seem to be very reliable, there will be. PowerBook G4 Folder With Blinking Question Mark & Finder Icon At Startup Hi I'm a MacBook Pro user but I just dropped my friend's PowerBook G4. It froze afterwards so I held down the power button to restart it but then everytime it starts up, a folder with a blinking question mark and finder icon shows up. I tried restar Full Setup Modern Ultimate Multi Tool (Umt) Dongle. Download Firmware Xiaomi Mi A 2. Download Firmware Xiaomi Mi A 1 Fastboo

Back up important files from a Mac that is not booting up and find more solutions to Mac not turning on issues from https://bit.ly/2GkaOa The folder with the blinking question mark means that your computer doesnt know where is the Mac OS x (operating system).\rIt can be related to different issues, these are the most comun problems that I can think of for now:\r1_ Damaged or corrupted internal hard drive \r2_ Damaged data cable (Sata Cable)\r3_ The Mac OsX system folder can not be found or is unreadable\r4_ The storage inside. Apple zakelijk advies nodig? Amac begeleidt bij de overstap naar Zakelijk Apple gebruik. Dé implementatiepartner voor de gehele zakelijke markt! Advies op maat

The flashing question mark should not be showing up on the startup anymore. Thus, it's a simple, easy, and quick way of getting rid of this issue in no time. A new or an old Mac user is normally aware of all of the system preferences The flashing question mark folder is a sign that your Mac is having trouble locating its system folder. If you boot from your Mac's internal drive, power it down and on again while holding down the Options key on the keyboard. When the startup manager appears, if you see your startup disk in the options, select it

Question: Q: Blinking folder with a question mark on start up. My MacBook Pro will not boot up. When I press the power button I get a blinking file folder with a question mark on it. What do I do? More Less. MacBook Pro, Unable to update Posted on Nov 6, 2016 12:20 PM. I had the question mark file folder of death on my macbook pro, and I brought it to the genius bar at the Apple store where they were able to help me to make space on my startup disk by deleting redundant files, loading a new version of OS, and voila, the computer is working fine - no cost & under an hour Hi all, I have a mid-2009 Macbook Pro with the gray screen and blinking question mark/folder. I've spent hours and days following tutorials on the internet and am now ready to post in a forum after exhausting the potential solutions I've found

Finally erasing just a slice (disk2s1) wouldn't be sufficient. (That drive identifier doesn't make sense; it should be disk0 in a MacBook). The flashing folder with question mark means it can't find a boot volume. More than likely the EFI partition was hosed, not the root volume (Macintosh HD). You need to wipe the whole drive The Flashing Folder with Question Mark icon means system can't get access to your main Hard Drive (Macintosh HD in the Physical Sense). This issue can be caused due to * broken SATA Cable connected to the HDD with the Logic Board. * A Broken Hard.. Hi all, I have a mid-2009 Macbook Pro with the gray screen and blinking question mark/folder. I've spent hours and days following tutorials on the internet and am now ready to post in a forum. Anyway, I have a Macbook Pro mid 2009, and I think I am running 10.7, I honestly can't remember which exact software, but that would be my best guess. I am getting the blinking/flashing folder with a question mark on it. HELP! Leading up to this my laptop did the following in the last few days: Unexpectedly shuts down during use Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. Log In Sign Up. User account menu. 2. Sister's new macbook pro 2017 is getting the Blinking Question Mark Folder on startup. Close. 2. Posted by 3 years ago. Archived

Repair Mac Flashing Question Mark Folder Erro

Last year my mother bought me a MacBook Pro for my birthday. Everything was fine until recently, a little over a year later when the hard drive burnt out. I had to take it to the store and get it fixed which was $300 !!!! And now whenever i turn it on a flashing folder with a question mark appears, and no matter what buttons i hold or press, nothing makes the screen change. i dont have any of. What does this blinking question mark mean? The question mark appears on Macbook Pro notebooks when the unit can not find the files it needs to load OSX (or your OS / Operating System). Problems can be User account menu. 2. Mid 2012 Macbook Pro A1278 Blinking Question Mark Folder. Mac. Close. 2. Posted by 3 years ago. Archived. Mid 2012 Macbook Pro A1278 Blinking Question Mark Folder. Mac. Hey all, I'll try to keep this short ; Change the mac boot up logo from the blinking question mark I recently acquired a macbook pro 15 with a failing hard. When I turned my Macbook on this morning, I noticed a folder appeared on my desktop that has a question mark on it and is blinking. I can't open it or move it to the trash

I'm having problems with my Macbook Pro. Recently my screen turned all white with a gray folder blinking with a question mark on it. I figured the hardrive might have gone bad so I replaced its hardrive in hopes of it being fixed. I also bought a new Snow Leopard OS X CD at Bestbuy and inserted it in but it keeps ejecting it out. I insert the CD in, and press C but after a few seconds it. My MacBook had the blinking question mark and would not start up..I could hear a faint clicking noiswe. Later attempts resulted in a very night grey screen with no blinking question mark. I used Snow read mor For most users, the blinking folder with a question mark on your Mac will prevent the startup process from continuing. If this is the case, your HDD/SSD/Fusion has most likely failed or died. If you believe this has happened, time is of the essence Mac stuck at white screen later shows blinking folder with question mark Today for some reason my mac froze and I had to manually start it back up. After I started it back up it was stuck at a white screen and later on a blinking folder with a question mark came up. I've tried using shortcut keys on startup but none of t

Grey Screen, Folder & Blinking Question Mark, Eep!?! Thread starter prettyinpunk; Start date Nov 18, 2008; prettyinpunk. Joined Dec 28, 2007 Messages 62 Reaction score 1 Points 8. Nov 18, 2008 #1 I was downloading a file that my friend sent me, when I turned away my Macbook started making a horrible noise. Hey, me too. 2014 MacBook Pro 13. Same exact issue. It seems the update must have corrupted the firmware on the logic board since it no longer recognizes key combos My MacBook had the blinking question mark and would not start up..I could hear a faint clicking noiswe. Later attempts resulted in a very night grey screen with no blinking question mark. I have a MacBook Pro and I am getting the blinking question mark folder and grey screen with startup To select to MacOS High Sierra operating system. Macbook Pro models introduced an SSD. After looking at the manual it said i could delete the drive and afterwards use the install OS feature on utilities. It's not officially supported, but I read everywhere it can be done. How to Fix Macbook Pro Flashing Folder, Blinking Question Mark Question Mark Folder Fix in Detail - Why? And How to fix on any Apple Mac! - (04:12) Yükle New to Mac - Mojave Edition *** FULL CLASS - (045:2) Yükle Flashing folder with question mark, Fix Macbook not booting up. (1 of 2) - (015:18) Yükle How to Fix a Mac not Booting up (Part I) - (08:50) Yükle MacBook Pro 2009 blinking question mark MiFix - (015:59) Yükle How to Fix Macbook Pro, Air

How to fix a Mac with a flashing question mark - Macworld U

Jan 28, 2016 - If your Mac powers on to a blinking question mark, first thing you can try to do to fix the issue would be to repair the disk permission using Disk Utility Macbook with a blinking question mark folder. Blinking question mark folder usually means that the hard drive is not accessible by the system. It can be either failing hard drive or damaged hard drive cable on these models So I've had a bit of a struggle with this macbook pro! It had Mac OS Lion 10.7 on it. The user wanted to upgrade it to sell it and so proceeded to do so. They didn't say what wen't wrong w the upgrade, but when I recieve it, it is showing the blinking folder icon with question mark

Your MacBook Pro is designed so that you can set it up quickly and start using it right away. You see a picture of a disk or a folder with a blinking question mark. This icon usually means that the computer can't find the system software on the har Apple MacBook Pro 13 Early 2015 sound cards Acer TravelMate 5740G sound cards Acer TravelMate 5742 sound cards Acer TravelMate 5742Z sound cards. In the Windows XP driver, there are two causes of low audio. That s website for MacBook Pro. I've bought a old macbook pro with the model nr

Apple has a laptop lineup that offers a ton of variety. Consequently, it gets harder for shoppers to decide the notebook to purchase. Therefore, comparing MacBook Air vs. MacBook vs. 13-inch MacBook Pro helps because you will understand the differences. MacBook Pro, MacBook Air, and MacBook are amazing Apple laptops that satisfy consumer needs at different levels

The flashing question mark is your Mac's way of telling you that it's having trouble finding a bootable operating system. Normally, your Mac will start the boot process fast enough that you'll never notice the flashing question mark on the display Does a flashing file folder with a question mark appear when you start your iMac or MacBook? If you're an avid Mac user, you know that this sign is never a good one. However, there are multiple different reasons this may be occurring. Before you panic, read on to learn more about why it happens and what you can do to possibly fix the problem Flashing Folder With Question Mark Macbook Pro New Hard Drive To copy your personal data back to your startup disk, select the option in Setup Assistant to migrate your data from an existing Time Machine backup or another disk I tried booting off that same external HD while holding down C and got the flashing folder with question mark. I tried using a firewire cable and starting the bad macbook in target mode while. First time ever it happened on battery. However, it is still true that the question mark appears always when plugged in, at least for now :) So now I'm down to the flashing question mark with no obvious hardware issues. I was hoping to avoid zeroing out the drive and starting over but it looks like that's my only option at this point

Similar threads; Question MacBook Pro (13, Mid 2012, MD101LL/A): Questions before I buy: I did all this bt then lappi got restarted and now question mark sign is coming and nothing is happening: A few questions regarding running Windows 7 in virtual machine on OS X High Sierra (v10.13.5 Boomeon | Question-Mark Blinking Problem When Macbook Is Turned On. Still, the error is persisting, move ahead towards MacBook Support Number and sort out your query. Sometimes you may get a white screen that displays a flashing folder with a question mark on it. That's actually a sign that your Mac can't find a startup disk to boot from. This situation can indicate that a hard drive is failing, or it could just be that you were trying out a lot of troubleshooting tips, and the Mac lost track of what the startup disk was Solved Mac Os Question Mark Blinking At Startup Fixed Macbook Air In 2020 Computer Addict Start Up This Or That Questions . Question Mark Macbook Decal Macbook Pro Sticker Macbook Pro Stickers Macbook Decal Macbook . Apple Macbook Pro 17 A1297 Broken Lcd Screen Repair Replacement Service Apple Screen Repair Macbook Pro Macbook Pro 17 . Pin On.

How to Fix Flashing Folder with Question Mark on Mac

A blinking question mark means that for whatever reason the laptop is unable to boot to the operating system. This could be because there is no hard drive, or that the operating system on the hard drive has become corrupted and is no longer bootable (although the hard drive is still technically good), or that the hard drive has become physically defective and needs to be replaced If you own a Mac and you are experiencing the flashing Question mark folder issue you are not alone as this issue happens from time to time. This is a tutorial on how to fix the Flashing Question Mark Folder on Mac problem

Mac Blinking Folder Icon – MacBook Pro 13-inch, Mid 2012

How to Fix Mac Flashing Folder With A Question Mark

The other day my MacBook Pro (13-inch, Mid 2012) presented a flashing question mark during startup and was unable to boot to the OS. According to Apple docs this means that your Mac can't find its system software Let's replace the HDD data cable on Macbook Pro A1278. Here is the Apple Macbook Pro A1278 model! For some reason, Macbook Pro that were manufactured at this time, are well known to have this questions mark problem. Typically, this caused by a failed HDD data cable. Here is the new data cable that connects your Macbook hard disk and motherboard Resolve boot issues showing 'prohibitory' sign. Mac OS X has several bootup symbols, including a universal prohibitory sign that indicates critical files are missing from the boot volume If the computer can see that there is a hard drive, we're in better shape. This step requires that we access the Macbook's special recovery area. This is the OSX recovery screen, necessary for trouble shooting the question mark mystery folder

Question: Q: Macbook Pro Mid 2009 - blinking/flashing

Hi, I have a MacBook Pro Retina (late 2013). My company purchased a Dell Ultrasharp U2415 for me. I unpacked it yesterday, plugged it in, used it for about 2 hours and then the video started blinking. The blinks are the same as ones described in this Dell Support Forum post and seen in this youtub.. If you use MacBook Pro, MacBook screen blinking is sometimes caused by Energy Saver working improperly. If you enable Automatic graphics switching in Energy Saver, your Mac will alternate between 2 different graphics chips. But things often break. Open your System Preferences > Energy Saver


SOLVED: A flashing question mark in a folder - MacBook Air

http://www.facebook.com/androidmikesI should mention we ordered a new hard drive ribbon, which did not fix the problem. so this fixed the mac book. You see a picture of a disk or a folder with a blinking question mark. This icon usually means that the computer can't find the system software on the hard disk or any disks attached to the computer. Disconnect all external peripherals and try restarting. Hold down the power (®) button for 8 to 10 seconds until the computer turns off I've upgraded to a MacBook Pro and wanted to see if I could get Windows Vista to install on my old 13″ MacBook without using BootCamp. i got ma macbook,which wouldnt boot again,with this blinking question mark folder,the probelm is i dont have the OS X installation disks anymore and i wish to install vista or xp,what can i do,thanks. I was using my system this morning, no problems noted. Left it running at 10am, returned at 11am to find a gray screen with an icon of a folder with a question mark, blinking. I forced power off, waited about 30 secs, powered on and it started up OK. I then performed a normal restart and, again, it looks OK. And I'm writing this post

How to Fix Macbook Pro, AirMy external display has red dots blinking all over the

Flashing question mark folder MacRumors Forum

The Common MacBook Pro Problems And Solutions Explained Why MacBook Pro Won't Turn On How MacBook Pro Shut Down When It Is Disconnected How To Fix A MacBook Pro With A Flashing Question Mark Why Does MacBook Pro Have A Very Faint LCD Displa Here is a guide on how to troubleshoot when your Mac computer starts up with a flashing folder and question mark. There is nothing worse than starting the work day by turning on your Mac, hearing. When I turn on my newly one-yr old laptop, a blinking folder shows up with a question mark in it, and it does not boot. The little power on light even goes off after a second. I am going to use the CD to reboot it, or send it in. I only need to know one thing... Is all of my data gone? Music, photos, documents...who has had this problem and what happened DRIVERS AUDIO MACBOOK PRO A1278 WINDOWS 7 X64. Macbook pro duration, apple order number, driver macbook pro. Achat apple macbook a1278 13.3 laptop, mb466b/a october. Hard shell case. Macbook pro a1278. Realtek sound driver, fix macbook pro flashing folder. Sound driver macbook pro a1278, blinking question mark Windows10 x86 Audio Driver for MacBook Pro 15-inch Glossy issue I have done installing W10 on my old macbookPro 2006 . Get the best deals on Macbook Pro A1278 and find everything you'll need to improve your home office setup at. What is the drive, The other details. How to Fix Macbook Pro Flashing Folder, Blinking Question Mark

SOLVED: Flashing question mark folder - MacBook Pro 13

blinking question mark 21 Bluetooth about 35 specifications 109 brightness keys 27 burning a CD or DVD 35 C. Caps Lock key 27 CD-RW 107 chair 120 changing System Preferences 20, 35 the desktop 20 cleaning 117 computer 117 display 117 computer disposal 126 computer doesn t turn on 84 connecting display 13 Ethernet cable 15 keyboard cable 16 control And yes, these steps are the same for any MacBook Air or MacBook Pro with a built-in battery and a magnetic MagSafe charging adapter. 1: Verify the MagSafe is Plugged In & Try a Different Outlet Yes, that means check to be sure the adapter is plugged into a wall outlet, and that the MagSafe AC adapter or wall adapter is properly connected and secured Question : MacBook Pro Partition got deleted. How to recover data from this macbook ? Working on a Macbook Pro mid 2012. I deleted the partition because it frozen and wouldn't let the computer boot, and now I just got stuck on the blinking folder with a question mark So i powered on my macbook pro (2012) and I was greeted with the blinking question mark. As someone who doesn't know much about it, I FREAKED! After a Google search and a few youtube videos later, I decided to Order this and see if this was the Remedy

How to fix Flashing Folder with Question Mark on Mac - YouTube

How to fix the Mac question mark folder issues? - IT-Tech

I run the macbook pro without the batteries. Please help Additional Info/Updates: I tried turning off the laptop with the monitor on. With that i can only play with the OSD using touch. anyway i noticed that even without the laptop, the monitor was still blinking. i can play with the OSD even when it blinks Also, Today i purchased a new MacBook Pro, so if they say that they need to take it away (extremely unlikely) just ask for a refund and then buy a new one. Why don't you just do that anyway, haha, 14 day return policy by apple is a gem Selling my old MacBook Pro + charger. The question mark is blinking when started up, meaning it needs to be repaired or for parts only. I don't have any other details on what the processor, year and specs this is. I just put down a random processor as it was necessary to list but that is not accurate. Selling as is knowing it's not in working condition and not sure what the processor is Hi All, I have DX80 and use a MacBook Pro. I am trying to connect my DX80 as an extended monitor to my mac (which was possible with the earlier MacBook Air) and I cant find the right cables process to do so. I was told Proximity might work but n

I upgraded my 2012 MacBook Pro, in trying to reset it to

Hello, Sign in. Account & Lists Account Returns & Orders. Car MacBook Pro Retina and 3 monitor support. Can I use two of these adapters to hookup two 1600x1200 DVI monitors and also run a 1920x1080 monitor hooked up to the HDMI port? Asked by Anonymous A from Xxxxxxxx; 16 Jun 2012 Flag as inappropriate MacBook Pro Retina and 3 monitor suppor My model: (15-inch, 2.53GHz, Mid 2009 Macbook Pro) 250GB SATA PROBLEM PRODUCT RESOLVED: My Macbook Pro had been shutting down and the infamous blinking question mark folder presented itself to me on multiple occasions. After months of tears, fits of rage, and Macbook Pro withdrawal, that the problem was caused by a faulty Hard Drive cable Redirecting to https://es.ifixit.com/Respuestas/Ver/465512/MacBook+won't+start+-+Blinking+folder+with+question+mark Apple has offered a Safe Boot option ever since OS X Jaguar (10.2). Safe Boot can be a crucial troubleshooting step when you're having problems with your Mac.These can be problems with starting up your Mac or issues you come across while using your Mac, such as having apps not start or apps that seem to cause your Mac to freeze, crash, or shut down

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