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Schrems II-målet har lett till en stor osäkerhet om vad som gäller vid användning av populära molntjänster som tillhandahålls av amerikanska leverantörer som till exempel Microsoft Azure, Microsoft 365, Amazon Web Service, Google Cloud eller Google G-Suite EU-domstolen meddelade idag den 16 juli 2020 dom i rättsfallet Schrems II där man tagit ställning till överföringen av uppgifter från EU. Med anledning av EU-domstolens dom vill vi vara tydliga med att våra kommersiella kunder även fortsatt kan använda Microsofts tjänster i enlighet med europeisk lagstiftning. EU-domstolens dom förändrar inte våra kunders möjligheter till [ - The effects of the Schrems II ruling on the daily work in companies - The concrete demands of the European data protectionists - The protection offered by Microsoft - Practical solutions for DSGVO compliant use of Microsoft 365 (incl. live demo The Schrems II ruling resulted from a case brought by privacy activist Max Schrems, Microsoft 365, and the Dynamics 365 and Power Platform will be offered. Microsoft has also pledged to build Availability Zones, suggesting at least three data centres will be constructed A panel gathered for Legalweek(year)'s Leveraging Microsoft 365 in a Post-Schrems II World session looked at the ongoing risks of leveraging the cloud and how legal professionals can.

Detta gäller till exempel Microsoft, som har begränsat de amerikanska myndigheternas åtkomst till personuppgifter och skyddar registrerade personer genom att driva en process mot de amerikanska myndigheterna gällande åtkomst till personuppgifter. Läs mer om Microsofts åtgärder här 8 oktober, 2020. En arbetsgrupp av dataskyddsmyndigheter från den federala staten och flera delstater i Tyskland har tillsammans kommit fram till att Microsoft 365 (paketet av Word, Excel, OneDrive, Teams et cetera) är olagligt att använda inom offentlig verksamhet Microsoft: These are the new privacy steps we're taking to protect your data. Microsoft vows to pay users if it discloses their data following a government request that violates Europe's privacy laws Collaborate for free with online versions of Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, Excel, and OneNote. Save documents, spreadsheets, and presentations online, in OneDrive. Share them with others and work together at the same time I går fällde EU-domstolen sitt avgörande i det s.k. Schrems II-målet om möjligheterna att på ett lagligt sätt föra över personuppgifter till främst USA. Om inte EU och USA snabbt når en politisk lösning angående sådana överföringar kan domen få väldigt omfattande konsekvenser för svenska företag och myndigheter, inte minst på grund av den omfattande användningen av.

The Schrems II Ruling - The gift that keeps on giving (more work that is) So here we go again, that old chestnut of sending data to the US but this time it is under the 2017 DPL. So before you contemplate the impact, ask yourself these questions Microsoft Office 365 har blivit en populär molntjänst för kontorsstöd bland företag, myndigheter och andra organisationer. De fördelar som ofta anförs med Office 365 är sänkta kostnader (till följd av att färre resurser behövs för drift och att on-premise-licenser blir allt dyrare), högre säkerhet (eftersom det är svårt att tävla med ledande företag som Microsoft om.

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With Schrems II, the court introduced - among others - the following high-level requirements for data controllers when considering cross-border data transfers: Controllers must know where personal data is processed and what (legal) mechanisms are relied on to ensure adequate protection of personal data Microsoft (MS) is among the first companies to react to the European Data Protection Board's data transfer recommendations (please see our article), as the tech giant announced in a blog post on November 19th. MS calls these additional safeguards Defending Your Data and will immediately start implementing them in contracts with public sector and enterprise [ Därför är det viktigt att vi gör skillnad mellan olika program som t.ex. Office 365 och Azure? Vikten av att veta vilken typ av data vi hanterar - personuppgiftsflöden ur ett tekniskt perspektiv; OBS! Nedan ser du övriga Schrems II-webinarier, visst överlapp mellan dessa kan förekomma Microsoft official statement on Schrems II and its cloud services

Schrems II and Cloud Computing: Immediate Action Required Published on July 26, 2020 July 26, 2020 • 31 Likes • 0 Comment In our four-part blog series on Schrems II and its impacts, In addition, there are some specific supplementary measures companies can take in their Microsoft 365 (M365). In response to the judgment C-311/18 Schrems II, the individual supervisory authorities of the federal states, including Baden-Württemberg, Bavaria and Hessen, expressed concern about the data transfer activities carried out by Office 365 and demanded an immediate action by the company in order to use the system in compliance with data protection regulations European Union Model Clauses. 3/30/2021; 4 minutes to read; r; In this article European Union Model Clauses overview. European Union (EU) data protection law regulates the transfer of EU customer personal data to countries outside the European Economic Area (EEA), which includes all EU countries and Iceland, Liechtenstein, and Norway Today the Court of Justice for the European Union issued a ruling in a case examining transfers of data from the EU. We appreciate that some of our customers may have questions about the impact of this ruling

First GDPR fine for data stored in an American cloud platform after the Schrems II case Giulio Coraggio Follow on Twitter Send an email December 14, 2020 The Swedish data protection authority issued a GDPR fine for lack of adequate protection of sensitive data stored in an American cloud platform after the Schrems II decision The Impact of Schrems II & Key Considerations for Companies Using M365: The Cloud Environment. We'll have a look at these measures in more detail below in relation to Microsoft 365 The CNIL reviewed the contract between Microsoft and the French administration to conclude that the safeguards to protect the data against US surveillance law were not sufficient and, consequently, that the hosting by Microsoft was unlawful in this case. The CNIL's brief: Reminder of the Schrems II ruling's impact Reminder of the Schrems II ruling's impact. Following the Schrems II ruling, the CNIL observed that Microsoft's reliance on the Standard Contractual Clauses for EU-US data transfers would be. Schrems 2 - Datainspektionen, NOYB och dataskyddsexperter förklarar det nya dataskyddslandskapet Seminariet och forumet Forum för Dataskydd hade förmånen att hålla ett välbesökt seminarium/webbinarium (nästan 500 Microsoft Word - Schrems2.docx Created Date

EU-domstolens beslut om internationell dataöverföring

Schrems II Judgement: Use of Microsoft 365 no longer GDPR

US-EU Privacy Shield Perforated - GDPR after Schrems II

European recommendations following Schrems II Privacy

  1. Schrems' suit has already brought one set of questions to the CJEU — Schrems 1.0 — which resulted in the court declaring the Safe Harbor trans-Atlantic data transfer agreement invalid for failing to adequately protect the rights of EU citizens. Recap: Max Schrems & Schrems 1.0 Schrems is an Austrian attorney and privacy advocate
  2. I det så kallade Schrems II-målet (C-311/18) underkändes det mellanstatliga avtal för överföring av personuppgifter som tecknats mellan EU och USA. Genom domen begränsar EU-domstolen även i övrigt möjligheterna till att föra över personuppgifter från EU/EES till USA
  3. Schrems II - Implications for your organisation. Some suppliers, such as Microsoft, Schrems claimed that the law and practices in the US did not ensure adequate protection of his personal data against US surveillance activities
  4. How Schrems II will impact data sharing between the UK and the US At the end of this year, the UK will no longer be subject to the EU's treaties, opening the way for it and the US to finalise a.
  5. In it, the watchdog asks questions about the unidentified company's use of Microsoft's Office 365 products and how it reconcile[s] The Schrems II ruling.
  6. Framförallt företag som använder sig av molntjänster såsom Microsoft 365, Amazon AWS, Azure och Google G Suite. Video: Max Schrems at the Hearing of the European Parliament on EU-US Data Transfers (26:30) European Data Protection Board publishes FAQ document on CJEU judgment https://citynetwork.se/stacke

While 'Schrems' Adds to Legal's Cloud Concerns, Cloud Data

Microsoft Workplace Analytics lifts the lid on worker

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  1. Read an overview of international export control laws and regulations and Microsoft Office 365. Read more Events. Microsoft Compliance and Risk Management Summit. Hear from Microsoft executives, partners, and customers on how to stay compliant and reduce risk in the new reality of remote work. Join us. GRC. Join.
  2. Microsoft products and services—such as Azure, Dynamics 365, Enterprise Mobility + Security, Microsoft Office 365, and Windows 10—have solutions available today to help you detect and assess security threats and breaches and meet the GDPR's breach notification obligations. Additional resource
  3. GDR tracks the post-Schrems developments that you need to know. Last updated 26 March.. A lot has happened since the Schrems II decision in mid-July 2020. The future of international data transfers is up in the air, and it's hard to keep up with every development - whether that's announcements by regulators, positions taken by big tech companies, or debates in European Parliament
  4. On July 16, 2020, the Court of Justice of the European Union (the CJEU) issued its landmark judgment in the Schrems II case (case C-311/18). In its judgment, the CJEU concluded that the Standard Contractual Clauses (the SCCs) issued by the European Commission for the transfer of personal data to data processors established outside of the EU are valid
  5. On July 16, 2020, the Court of Justice of the European Union (CJEU) handed out its decision on Case C311-18 Data Protection Commission vs. Facebook Ireland, Max Schrems (known as Schrems II)
  6. g to monitor compliance of European institutions, bodies, offices and agencies (EUIs) with the Schrems II Judgement in relation to transfers of personal data to third countries, and in particular, the United States
  7. Today, an update regarding the validity of data transfer mechanisms was announced by the Court of Justice of the European Union (CJEU) as a result of what has become known as the Schrems II case. To provide clarity on what this ruling means, and what to expect from Workday in our ongoing commitment to data privacy protections, we're sharing this brief FAQ

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The EDPS welcomes that the Court of Justice of the European Union, in its landmark Grand Chamber judgment of 16 July 2020, reaffirmed the importance of maintaining a high level of protection of personal data transferred from the European Union to third countries. The EDPS will continue to strive, as.. On October 13, 2020, France's highest administrative court (the Conseil d'État) issued a summary judgment that rejected a request for the suspension of France's centralized health data platform, Health Data Hub (the HDH), currently hosted by Microsoft.However, the Conseil d'État recognized that there is a risk of U.S. intelligence services requesting the data and called.

Schrems II-domen kan få omfattande konsekvenser för

The Schrems II decision not only impacts EU-U.S. data transfers, but also affects data transfers of EU data across the world. This is especially true for organisations looking to embrace online collaboration solutions like Microsoft 365 while working remotely,. Supplementary measures following Schrems II [2] How AskCody continues to Protect Personal Data based on EDPB recommendations on supplementary measures following Schrems II [2] This article is written based on an E-book with the same topic and content. The sections of the E-book is marked with direct links in the following. Sections of this article The Schrems II decision not only impacts EU-U.S. data transfers, but also affects data transfers of EU data across the world. However, the level of the impact depends on the geography and the strategic privacy planning they have done to maintain compliance with GDPR Schrems II: Practical Approaches to Manage Cross-Border Data Flow Risks David Keating Alston & Bird Ed Britan Microsoft Robyn Greene Facebook. Overview of CJEU Decision Data Protection Commissioner (Ireland) v. Facebook Ireland Ltd. and Maximillian Schrems Max Schrems submitted a reformulated complaint followin

Schrems II Ruling - The gift that keeps on giving

I Schrems II skulle EU-Domstolen tage stilling til gyldigheden af EU-Kommissionens standardkontrakt om overførsel af personoplysninger mellem dataansvarlige (EU-Kommissionens afgørelse 5. februar 2010 om standardkontraktbestemmelser for videregivelse af personoplysninger til dataansvarlige etableret i tredjelande i henhold til Europa-Parlamentets og Rådets direktiv 95/46/EF (2010/87/EU)) The Schrems II case already has elicited multiple responses on Lawfare alone, including our own, Stewart Baker's stern criticism of the judgment and Henry Farrell's and Abraham Newman's more hopeful view that the case creates an opportunity for positive reform of U.S. intelligence law

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3090-2020StellungnahmeAufforderung_geschwaerzt.pdf in Anfrage Fragebögen zur Umsetzung des Schrems II-Urteils bei Verantwortlichen (fragdenstaat.de) Fragen im Detail. Nutzt Ihr Unternehmen Office 365? Welche personenbezogenen Daten werden dort eingefügt? Zu welchen Zwecken geschieht die Nutzung von Office 365 Schrems II kommer i øvrigt kort tid efter, at EDPS (EU institutionernes egen databeskyttelses-vagthund) har udtalt sig om institutionernes brug af Microsoft som leverandør, , og her opfordrer EDPS bl.a. Komissionen, Parlamentet mv. til at stille krav til Microsoft om at informere ved enhver indgriben fra US-myndighedernes side og i øvrigt kræve årlige opdateringer fra Microsoft på dette. Related: Watch the instant replay webinar: Post-Decision Coverage, Schrems II Reaction & Analysis featuring CPOs from Mastercard, Walgreens Boots Alliance, Biogen,. Accordingly we review the legal mechanism we use for third-country transfers in our agreements to align with Schrems II court decision. This means that we perform risk assessments for each U.S.- based vendor and sub-processor for required level of protection and use of Standard Contractual Clauses to comply with Chapter V of the General Data Protection Regulation on the transfer of personal.

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I anden del fortæller Tina og Ole nærmere om, hvordan Schrems II-afgørelsen ændrer virksomheders praksis i forhold til tredjelandsoverførsler. Ole giver dig et indblik i, hvordan de i Microsoft har grebet situationen an, hvilket overførselsgrundlag de anvender, samt hvordan de allerede har implementeret den nye afgørelse i virksomhedens daglige praksisser 03.15.21 EPO and Microsoft Collude to Break the Law — Part VIII: The Aftermath of Schrems II in Europe. Posted in Deception, Europe, Law, Microsoft, Patents at 8:27 am by Dr. Roy Schestowitz. Previous parts:. EPO and Microsoft Collude to Break the Law — Part I (Intro): A Fresh Data Protection Scandal Brewing at the EPO The Baden-Württemberg data protection authority ('LfDI Baden-Württemberg') issued, on 20 November 2020, a statement on Microsoft Corporation's suggested measures for guarantees that directly strengthen user rights following the Court of Justice of the European Union's ('CJEU') judgment in Data Protection Commissioner v.Facebook Ireland Limited, Maximillian Schrems (C-311/18) ('the Schrems II.

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On July 16, 2020, the Court of Justice of the European Union (the Court) decided Data Protection Commissioner v. Facebook Ireland Ltd and Maximillian Schrems , Case C-311/18 ( here ) ( Schrems II ). T.. Finally, in November the European Data Protection Board (EDPB) adopted recommendations on the supplementary measures following the Schrems II ruling that give organizations guidance on specific security measures they can use to ensure compliance with the EU level of data protection of personal data As foreshadowed in our initial reaction to the Schrems II judgement, and now that we've had the benefit of the full judgement and initial commentary from some of the European regulators, the EDPB, and some of the big tech companies, the immediate future of transatlantic data transfers appears to be uncertain and commentary is divided on what is and isn't possible in light of this new. The Schrems II case originated from the 2015 CJEU decision in Case C-362/14 Maximilian Schrems v Data Protection Commissioner (Schrems I), which invalidated the EU-U.S. Data Protection Safe Harbor decision from 2000 (Safe Harbor) for the international transfer of personal data (see our previous Alert, EU-U.S. Data Protection Safe Harbor: Not Safe Anymore) Schrems II is the latest confirmation that data sovereignty is here to stay. The data economy is getting chopped up into Westphalian bits, blocking aggregation for analytics. Definitions

Microsoft 365; AVG CloudCare; Cloud Backup; Web Hosting; Support; Blog; Contact Us; Blog . Home; Blog; How Schrems II will impact data sharing between the UK and the US; How Schrems II will impact data sharing between the UK and the US. byadmin 23 Jul inBlog No comments yet. Source: Computer Weekly Thales announces a new data protection capability for Microsoft customers to benefit from the power of the full range of Microsoft 365 applications w Microsoft vill underlätta användandet av molntjänster i o ffentlig sektor genom det lokala initiativet Microsoft Molndesign för Offentlig Sekto r: Azure och Microsoft 365. Microsofts löfte är att hantera din data på ett säkert sätt och att skapa en säkrare värld genom digital transformation The 'Schrems II' ruling has its roots back in 2013. Eight years ago, the Austrian privacy activists Max Schrems brought a complaint before the Irish DPC, in which he claimed personal data transfers under what was then called the EU-US Safe Harbor were not safe More than a news source, the Data Protection Report provides thought leadership on emerging privacy, data protection and cybersecurity issues, and helps its readers proactively address risks and anticipate next steps in this crucial emerging field


Microsoft reacts on EDPB's data transfer recommendations

The Schrems II decision did not help either EU and non-EU companies to overcome this difficult period. On the contrary, the current political debate on data transfers is boiling over, triggering further uncertainties in the data protection compliance program of businesses. The white paper of the US Government against CJEU view in Schrems II cas The implications of the case, brought by Max Schrems and popularly known as Schrems II, are far-reaching. Companies based in countries that do not have an adequacy decision (a ruling that.

Schrems II och dataöverföring ur ett tekniskt perspektiv

365 som molntjänst. Dess säkerhetsprocesser granskas regelbundet av externa revisorer. GFS har fått certifieringarna ISO 27001 och EU Safe Harbor och har klarat SSAE 16 SOC2 Type II. Office 365 uppfyller många internationella branschstandarder, som ISO/IEC 27001:2005, PCI, SSEA16 SOC1 Type II, EUs Standardkontraktsklausuler och FISMA Microsoft Office 365: Banned in German schools over privacy fears. State of Hesse says student and teacher information could be exposed to US spy agencies The case is the latest chapter in the long-running battle played out in the Irish courts and the CJEU among Facebook, Austrian privacy advocate Maximillian Schrems, and the Irish Data Protection Commission

MS Office: neue Stellungnahme des Hessischen DSBDSB und die RechtsberatungFragenkatalog zur DSGVO-Prüfung veröffentlichtDie Grundsätze der Datenschutz-Grundverordnung (DSGVO)Vorsicht bei der Weiterleitung von E-Mails „nach Hause“

Schrems II-domen riktar in sig på personuppgifter, men domen visar tydligt på riskerna på de generella problemen med att överföra och lagra känslig data hos en amerikansk aktör. Därmed så påverkas molnbaserade cybersäkerhetsprodukter i allra högsta grad och riskerna måste beaktas noggrant Frequently Asked Questions on the judgment of the Court of Justice of the European Union in Case C-311/18 - Data Protection Commissioner v Facebook Ireland Ltd and Maximillian Schrems 791.92 KB Bulgarian Czech Danish German Greek English Spanish Estonian Finnish French Croatian Hungarian Italian Lithuanian Latvian Maltese Dutch Polish Portuguese Romanian Slovak Slovenian Swedis Following the recent judgment C-311/18 (Schrems II) by the Court of Justice of the European Union (CJEU), the European Data Protection Board (EDPB) published Recommendations on measures that supplement transfer tools to ensure compliance with the EU level of protection of personal data on November 11th. These measures are to be considered when assessing the [ Microsoft believes that Hafnium, a Chinese state-sponsored attacker is responsible, however, this has not been confirmed, However, as the ECJ made clear in Schrems II, SCCs do not necessarily, in and of themselves, provide adequate protection for personal data

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