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  1. When setting up your add-ons you will also have the option to add additional shipping for each item, if it needs it. For example, if the main reward tier is a copy of your book with a shipping cost of $5, and one of your add-on items is a poster, research how much more shipping these two items together would be. Research international shipping rate
  2. Here are three steps to get you started with your Kickstarter shipping costs. 1. Look At Previous Campaigns. Take a look at what projects in your same niche have done in the past. Sometimes additional information about shipping won't be listed on the campaign page and that's OK! If that's the case, reach out to the creator
  3. As you build out your rewards and set shipping costs, note that costs for a precise country will always trump the cost of a region. For instance, if you offer a shipping rate of $15 for the European Union, but charge only $10 for shipping to France, a backer based in France will be prompted to pay the $10 shipping rate
  4. At Easyship, we've crunched some numbers and if done right, shipping should take 12-18% of the funds that you raise, 20% max. Ideally, it's best to have a shipping policy in place before you go live with your campaign, as the launch phase is when you will be building trust between your community of backers

Adding the shipping costs on the goal is not very effective. We have many costs, which are percental and depending on the funding goal: Kickstarter Fee Affiliate Fee (Kickbooster) Tax Fee. Actually we have to add about 7000/8000€ on the goal to offset the shipping costs of 3000€ (in our worst case scenario calculation) I read somewhere that it's better to charge shipping after campaign is over so you can avoid Kickstarter's 5% fee, but then don't you have to pay the pledge manager's fee instead and is that significantly cheaper and worth the hassle to ask your backers to enter their credit card details again This way they can ensure that they are charging the correct amount needed to cover costs. If at checkout the shipping fee was zero, or an unusually low amount, we recommend double-checking the project page for any information the creator may have shared about their shipping plan while their project was live

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  1. One potential option is that if a KS creator has an estimate shipping+fees charge on their page as, for example, $25, but when the pledge manager goes live it turns out it is significantly higher (some percentage of the original estimate, say 100%), than backers could opt out, but if the actual charge, in this example, is say $30, the opt out option is not available
  2. Have backers manually enter the additional cost of shipping: Last November, Kickstarter added a feature that lets you list one international shipping price. My understanding of this is when an international backers selects a reward level that requires shipping, they are prompted to add the additional amount for shipping
  3. If it goes in an envelope it's probably fine. If not, you've got to deal with customs and a whole new world of tariffs and shipping charges, paperwork, etc. If you want backers overseas, make sure to charge them enough to cover the hassle and expense. I see too many projects with inadequate premiums for international shipping
  4. The first step to estimating your shipping costs is to weigh your rewards. The most popular shipping methods such as UPS Ground and USPS First Class base their costs on package weight. Figure out the shipping weight for each reward tier. Remember to also include the weight of the box and packaging materials
  5. Don't make this mistake! Grab a copy of the Kickstarter Launch Formula to learn more. 2. Shipping and reward fulfillment can eat up your margins. Another cost that goes into a crowdfunding campaign is the reward shipping and fulfillment that every creator must do. We talked a bit about that in this podcast episode

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The Elder Dice campaign was the first campaign that we used a weight-based shipping calculation method. That isn't an easy thing to compute for thousands of. Every merchant's situation is different, so as you think about your products, your margins, your customers and your competition, here are six ways to charge for shipping. Free Shipping on Everything. Free Shipping on Certain Items. Free Shipping with a Minimum. Free Shipping to Your Best Customers

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In order to be fair to all backers, we will charge shipping after the Kickstarter based on the actual costs. We will collect this via our pledge manager after the campaign ends. Current shipping estimates are listed below but are subject to change. Items in shipping wave 2 will ship later You charge 20 cents for the item, and put the shipping cost into the shipping area. The two reasons you do it this way is to have accurate stats, and because of sales tax. Your customer may not be charged sales tax on shipping, only on the item price, it varies How to charge shipping after kickstarter? Question. Hello, I see a lot of campaigns that say shipping will be calculated and charged after the campaign. I have been trying to find out how to do this but can only find 1 paid site for it. How is everyone doing this 3. Under Shipping in your the main body of your page you revealed shipping to different regions and reminded folks that this amount is Automatically Added at Checkout 4. You allowed folks to mix up to 3 rewards by promised to charge them once per pledge and NOT once per game. (Meaning the price of shipping did NOT go up). 5 For example, if a backer pledges to a $50 reward tier with a $10 shipping fee ($60 total pledge), the $10 shipping fee would count towards the shipping funds that appear in this display. All displays and charts in this section pull logistical reward data specified when you build out your rewards - shipping funds by country, by rewards tier, and itemization of the reward inventory

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Hi everyone,Welcome to eCommerce Guide India, Your Guide To Selling Online!In this video tutorial, I've covered how you can charge a shipping amount or charg.. How To Budget Shipping Costs for Your Kickstarter or Indiegogo Crowdfunding Campaign. and charge the higher of the two. Dimensional weight is calculated by multiplying the length, width, and height of a package and dividing it by a cubic divisor. Let's take UPS as an example Legally, the declared value must be the reward price plus shipping. When the courier delivers the package to the backer, the backer must pay VAT (~21%, depending on the country). So a $40 reward could end up costing the backer nearly $85. Sometimes there's even an administrative fee on top of that

1) £65 / £75 PLEDGE: If you pledged during or after the Kickstarter for the £65 Pledge (Board Game & Expansions) - you need to add the shipping charges shown in the SHIPPING CHARGES table below (if you haven't paid already). Just choose the Shipping Add On in Backerkit, and select the correct amount shown below for a Single or Split Shipment 7 Reasons for Delays in Shipping after a Kickstarter Campaign. Right after most Kickstarter campaigns, a lot of different events need to take place. For starters, creators often cannot start without the funds, which take a couple of weeks to clear. Most Kickstarter campaigns have to be manufactured, shipped to a warehouse, and fulfilled When we say free shipping included on Kickstarter, it means that shipping is included in the price of the reward level (freight + individual package). This is important to keep in mind no matter how you do shipping-if you're including $10 of free shipping to backers in the US, you should include that same $10 in shipments anywhere in the world (and then add the difference on. Legally, the declared value must be the reward price plus shipping. When the courier delivers the package to the backer, the backer must pay VAT (~21%, depending on the country ). So a $40 reward could end up costing the backer nearly $85. Sometimes there's even an administrative fee on top of that Podo launched on Kickstarter in September 2016 with the goal of shipping by December. The creators set their goal to $50,000 but ended up exceeding it to reach $761,130. A real success you may say, well it's not that easy since even after 2 years, Podo's team failed to ship all the rewards to their backers

Janelle is spot-on with the process on how you can set up your shipping costs on Kickstarter. I'm an outspoken advocate of free-shipping in general, mostly because shipping rates are the number one reason for cart abandonment (and, in this instanc.. Read on for more information about what to do when your Kickstarter or Indiegogo campaign ends. Next Steps After a Successful Crowdfunding Campaign. Switch to InDemand. Successful crowdfunding campaigns usually end with a lot of momentum, and you'll want continue offering pre-sales once the campaign is over so you don't lose it Kickstarter is a tool to crowdfund, Pledge Manager is a tool to manage your choices, and a fulfillment center (in Europe, CB, in America, Quartermaster Logistics, for Defiance) does the shipping. Shipping : Everyone needs to understand that the game will most likely be in multiple shipping waves How to calculate duties and taxes when Shipping Internationally. One of the more complicated aspects of international shipping is having to deal with taxes.Regardless of where or what you are shipping, taxes will always be a point of consideration and in all honesty something that shouldn't be taken lightly But international shipping can be even more intimidating. My intention here is give you all the tools needed to begin your journey. Below is a record of every detail I've collected with respect to shipping a card game internationally - in preparation for shipping my card game - LINKAGE - after our Kickstarter Campaign

You could charge shipping outside of the Kickstarter campaign, after the campaign is complete. The way this would work is you'd still estimate the costs backers will pay based on their location and your reward size and weight, packaging, etc. and communicate that in the reward write-up and project page When the Shipping Charges equals 0.00$. We all do. But it if was possible for everyone to do it, we would get everything we buy shipped for free. That's not the case. Sometimes creators must charge 8. The future: after the first successful Kickstarter project. Launching our first successful Kickstarter campaign is not where this stops. We have plans to expand. I think that a small brand like ours has the potential to run two successful Kickstarter campaigns per year. More, it is unlikely at this stage Kickstarter projects are often plagued by unexpected setbacks. Anything could go wrong; your launch may not happen on the set date, there may be manufacturing or shipping problems, and so on. Make advance arrangements to leave yourself room for such events. If your production team says your Kickstarter video will be ready in 3 days, plan for 5 Kickstarter provides a great Creator Handbook with a section on fulfillment to help familiarize you with shipping. Once you understand the basics, Shipwire can help you put it all into action. Shipwire has fulfilled many Kickstarter rewards and has helped project owners turn their Kickstarter successes into ongoing businesses

4 questions in 1 - It looks like it's sensible to charge shipping after the campaign through Backerkit, 1. do you agree? 2. do you charge backers in USD even if it's a UK campaign? 3. What currency is transferred to me and 4 when The Per-item Shipping Profile will charge the same amount for each add-on ordered endlessly. This means that if you set up a $3 per item fee for US backers, and a US backer orders 10 of that add-on, they will be charged $30 for shipping With this all in mind, you'll need to calculate your product cost on a per-unit basis. That'll give you the information you need to more accurately price the Kickstarter reward item so that you don't come out at a loss to make each one. 2. Shipping/fulfillment - what it costs to get that product to backers Shipping-related charges. These are related to the details of the shipment, such as the pickup location, the delivery destination, and the delivery hours. With express couriers, the main additional charge that you will face is the fuel surcharge. Calculated as a percentage of the shipping costs, this vary weekly or monthly depending on the country

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1. Calculate Shipping Costs Before Your Campaign Begins This is probably the most common mistake I've come across, which is that crowdfunders don't accurately calculate their shipping costs for the rewards they're offering before the campaign begins. When this happens, it may mean that crowdfunders don't charge enough for the shipping 14 days after end — money is transferred from Kickstarter to your bank account. Soon after you receive your funds from Kickstarter — you'll send a survey to your backers to gather important information about their order like their shipping address. Here are two strategies to decrease the number of failed credit card charges. 1 If you choose to charge shipping after the campaign, you can set up more accurate shipping based on weight or quantity in BackerKit. Support for handling variants and more complex add-ons Reduce fulfillment complexity - BackerKit already has integrations and exports that work with various fulfillment companies and groups together add-ons ordered in Kickstarter and in BackerKit Kickstarter basics: You're the creator - the person behind the campaign.Backers are people who pledge money to help bring your project to life. As the campaign creator, you make a Kickstarter Campaign page which explains your project and your mission.It's up to you to share this page and get as many backers as you can Shipping internationally is also an option. You don't have to offer shipping outside of your country if you do not want to. If you do, make sure you are charging enough! This is a pitfall that unfortunately many people fall into. On Indiegogo and Kickstarter, you can charge different shipping prices per country

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Kickstarter projects have a number of phases, but the two that I will be focusing on are pre-launch and post-launch (while your Kickstarter is live). Much can be said for what makes a successful marketing campaign after your Kickstarter ends, but I will not cover that here (or I might as well a book for all the information that subject would contain) Less Kickstarter's 5% fee ($3,230) The last shipment of rewards left the building on 9 April 2014, exactly 5 months after successful funding. Less shipping supplies ($5,811) = $26,488

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A pledge manager is software used by Kickstarter campaign creators. To explain their purpose, however, is a little more complicated. Pledge managers fill service gaps that Kickstarter and similar crowdfunding sites have not addressed. That includes: Collecting shipping after the campaign. (Thus meaning Kickstarter gets a smaller cut of the funds. Friendly Shipping is a clever idea that some Kickstarter creator came up with long ago to say that you don't have to deal with any paperwork or money at the receiving end of the KS rewards. To understand this, there's a dichotomy in shipping things international that used to be referred to as DDU or DDP (the terminology has changed in recent years, but these acronyms still work well. Life After Kickstarter: 5 Costly Lessons From A Kickstarter-Backed Designer Kickstarter backers pledged $212,265 to make Jon Fawcett's flexible iPod dock a reality. Here's what came next And with the ability to charge for shipping after the Kickstarter campaign has ended, BackerKit helps creators avoid making costly miscalculations based on estimates made before they may know the total weight of each backer's order or costs associated with add-ons. BackerKit Success team provides personalized fulfillment guidance for Dispel Dic

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In 2012, a year after quitting their day jobs to run their business, Walnut Studiolo, Valerie and her husband Geoffrey, had the idea for a new product. A bicycle frame handle made from leather, that could comfortably allow cyclists to carry their bikes. After some brainstorming, they looked to Kickstarter to help fund and validate their product idea. Within three days, they met their. Shipping. Delivering on Time. Shipping a Game on Time. Maintaining Peace During Shipping Season. Icons for Shipping Options. How to Provide Free Shipping Worldwide on Kickstarter: A Comprehensive Guide. How to Ship Stuff Worldwide. Lessons Learned: Insights, Mistakes, and Solutions for Offering Worldwide Shipping on Kickstarter Shipping Fees. If you have a straight forward project with simple pledge levels and no add-ons or extras, your pledge manager will charge for shipping and taxes on each person's pledge and then collect some late pledges. The shipping/tax part of this is pretty easy to anticipate 4. If a combined order of in-stock items and pre-order items is expected to be delayed by more than 1 month, The Game Steward may (at our discretion) offer customers the option to have in-stock items shipped right away for an additional shipping fee.. 5. Order responsibility after delivery. The Game Steward is responsible for delivery of your order to your requested delivery address This year, the US federal tax deadline is July 15, 2020.If you aren't already prepared to file, now is the time to get started. Whether you prepare your taxes on your own or hire a professional, you might find that filing after a Kickstarter or Indiegogo campaign is a little more complex than filing personal income taxes

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It takes around 60 minutes to charge up to 100%. Previously you might have seen 20min and might wonder while it is 60 now. Well, while it is still possible in software to increase the charge current to go back to 20min we currently limited it to prevent the battery from wearing over time. Last updated: December 14, 2020 14:1 After inputting your postal address to the BackerKit survey, your shipping cost will be automatically calculated. You will be asked to input your card information on the next step of the survey. We will proceed to charge cards at a later date (see Why is shipping so expensive?) Last updated: September 21, 2020 07:0 This is an account of the initial preparations for the Streets Kickstarter launch. Streets is a wonderful tile-laying game by designer & illustrator Haakon Gaarder. It is his follow-up to 2019's Golden Geek award nominated card game, Villagers, also published by Sinister Fish Games. Please note: throughout this post it may sound like I assume the Kickstarter campaign for Streets is going to. If you accidentally charge the wrong shipping price, or you need to change the tiers in any way once even one person backs, you can't. This often leads creators to create new tiers in order to fix what they screwed up. An ounce of preparation is priceless. Tip #24: Give an early bird perk to your first-day Kickstarter backers Shipping will also be an extra charge. I have spent the better part of a week trying to find the words to explain what happened and express to you how sorry we are that it has come to this.

Kickstarter is for everyone, and it is so much more than just funding. It's about creating a community around the process of bringing something to life. It's also about idea validation, and mitigating risk. After the success of our first Kickstarter project, raising much more than we anticipated, we were hesitant to return to the platform We will give you the final shipping price on the post-campaign survey, it will be accurately calculated taking into account the shipping country and the total weight of your package. You can consult our shipping table at the bottom of the campaign to see an estimated price, or you can send us a message and we can check it out for you

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Many of you have written about getting combinations of rewards that aren't available on the campaign — for example, an nsfw Artist Edition Evil Inc After Dark plus a regular Courting Disaster Uncensored.. So I've signed up with Backerkit, and I'm going to offer many of the rewards from this Kickstarter on an a la carte basis after the campaign closes International shipping for a Kickstarter is a problem from a bunch This is algebra in action! If X is the reward tier, and 20% of it needs to go towards shipping, and your international shipping charge is going to be about $30, then your with the bad experience/sticker shock effect for strategies that bill shipping after the. Get an instant quote for shipping your product to top destinations or reach out to one of our crowdfunding consultants Kickstarter Order Fulfillment Services. Don't want to deal with the hassles of packing and shipping your Kickstarter orders to backers around the world? Let eFulfillment Service help. eFulfillment Service (EFS) is the trusted name in crowdfund order fulfillment

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  1. ing a solution that cuts into your margins as little as possible yet remains attractive to your customers
  2. This is great for charity projects, but a problem when kickstarting a business idea. If 100 people buy your $40 board game idea, but you needed 500 to actually make the game you promised (and the.
  3. It is in Kickstarter's interest to accept only projects that are reasonably likely to succeed, because Kickstarter gets paid (5 percent of your total funding) only if you reach your stated.
  4. Next, select the fee type. If you want to charge a fraction of product or cart amount cost total, select 'variable' from the list. For charging a fixed amount, select 'fixed'. 3. In the 'fees' field, you have to fill the amount, which is to be charged from your buyer
  5. shipping should be included because Square is collecting that amount of money (invoice + shipping) so they of course are going to charge you their fee. processing $100 invoice costs square in credit card fees and such just like a invoice of $109 (including shipping) costs them in credit card fees
  6. DIY Driftwood: If you have a Paypal account, you can send them an email invoice for the additional charge AND if by some chance you have an account with either USPS.comor Stamps.comyou could conceivably use one of them to print the postage. Just add the tracking info to the Amazon order
  7. For small and medium sized business, warehouses, manufacturers, distributors and importers, controlling freight shipping costs can be essential to maintaining the profitability of product lines, or even the success of the business itself. Following please find several essential steps to avoid extra surprise charges in freight shipping. 1. Always get fixed cost quotes in writin

But if you really want to........ hover over my ebay - top right of page. click on selling. scroll down to your sold section. on the right of the item is the send invoice option. zero out the shipping charge on the invoice - then preview and send to the buyer. Comments (0) Comments (0) Helpful Because a seller is not allowed to increase a listed shipping charge after someone has won the auction. Unless of course the seller and buyer have come to an agreement whereby the buyer wants to pay for a more costly but faster service. Anyway, this will tell you about sending a revised invoice If you've ever run a Kickstarter campaign, you know how much time and effort can go into it before you even launch. And with so much to do, it's no surprise that order fulfillment and shipping is often an afterthought. Unfortunately, that mindset can be quite costly for Kickstarters and other crowdfunders

They'd charge by the number of items in an order. So if they had to 'pick' more than one item, you were getting charged for it. And it got expensive. That's the kind of overhead that can quickly take you from black to red. After Kickstarter takes out its percentage of fees and after the manufacturer is paid, money for shipping gets tight When it comes to charging your backers for shipping, you have two options: you can include an average shipping cost (for all of the locations you're shipping to) in the price of your rewards, or you can have backers add additional funds to their pledge for shipping - you can even charge backers in different countries different shipping prices To fix the shipping label- Go to orders (top left check mark in app) and clicked on the order in question. Click on the weight to select the correct weight and carrier. Click Recreate Shipping Label. Voila! You're ready to print Hi, I was wondering how you plan to get everyone's addresses for shipping after the Kickstarter has finished. Will we be e-mailed or? allionne June 29, 2017 Uncategorized. Post navigation. Previous. Next. Hi there! Addresses will be collected by Kickstarter after the campaign has run.. You send them an invoice through PayPal. Once the item is paid for you cannot send another invoice through eBay. You need the buyers PayPal email address to send the invoice and this will show up on their payment to you in the payment details. Comments (0) Comments (0) Helpful. 7

Charge $5.00 for shipping for any package weighing less than eight pounds. Charge $10.00 for anything that weighs eight pounds or more. Offer free shipping if the destination is in the state of New York. You can combine conditions to create complicated shipping rules without complicated setup From your Shopify admin, go to Orders. Click the number of an order that you've already bought a shipping label for. In the Fulfillments section, click Print label. This downloads the label file to your computer so that you can print it. After the download is complete, find and then open the file on your computer

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In this case, it's $25,000 production + $25,000 marketing = $50,000. Factor in an additional 10% to cover the platform fees - in this case, $4,000. Add all of that up ($25,000 production + $25,000 marketing + 10% fees ($4,000)) and bingo, you have a reasonable goal for your crowdfunding campaign: $54,000 If you want to charge more for shipping, look into getting a Professional (SP) account where you can charge whatever you want for shipping on non-media items. Keep in mind sales will drop significantly if you charge more for shipping Kickstarter fee: Now, Kickstarter is going to take $5000 in fees (5% of $100,000). Credit card processing fee : Also, 3% of your total is going to go to the credit card companies - that's $3000. The fees you'll pay will actually be more than $8000 ($5000 + $3000) because there is a small fee of $0.20 per pledge International Shipping to Backers - And now we get to international shipping, the albatross that has crushed the once hopeful dreams of many a Kickstarter creator. Amazon can help with that, too. Ex: Shipping 1 copy of THE RED TEN Volume 1. Fulfillment by Amazon Cost to the UK (Includes picking, packing, postage) - $18.6 After your Kickstarter campaign ends, popping a celebratory bottle and throwing high-fives to the team is well warranted. But remember, funded does not a successful Kickstarter campaign make. Kickstarter's own research shows that about 11% of successfully funded projects fail to deliver rewards to their backers and about 35% of project creators deliver their rewards significantly late

As a seller, you can change the shipping until you get a bid. Find the item and open the listing, then click Revise (at the top left of the listing). Scroll down teh form to the shipping section (usually near the bottom) and choose your method and cost. As a buyer, you CANT. The seller is going to ship as listed After all, if you're based in San Francisco, your customers in Los Angeles shouldn't be paying as much for shipping as your customers in Shanghai are. Option 3: Offer real-time shipping quotes. A third option is to calculate shipping costs on a per-order basis. The major shipping carriers all offer rate calculators on their websites Set Up Shipping in WooCommerce for Wordpress. Woocommerce is a great eCommerce platform but setting up shipping in Woocommerce can be confusing. In this vide.. Kickstarter should not have to spell out the rules of living in your own country. Like I said before though, they could arrange to pay the custom fees or charge you the custom fees in advance. But. As BackerKit does not actually handle any rewards or shipping, the best way to stay updated on the shipping timeline would be to check out the project's updates page

After a Kickstarter campaign in March 2012 that raised $700,000 from 5,200, the sphere - dubbed Galileo - started shipping to early backers in June, with 7,500 orders. Here's how it works: you place an iPhone or iTouch into Galileo, which can turn 360 degrees horizontally and tilt vertically If your going to charge for shipping you tell the backers before hand on possible charges. It's nothing new to pay for shipping. it's a different ball game when you ship a few Evil Hat's Fate of Cthulhu Kickstarter not shipping to Europe [There's a reason, see tweet in post #8

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  1. After the Gobe fiasco I refuse to back projects on Indiegogo - you didn't mention the instant funding on Indiegogo versus the Escrow approach on Kickstarter - which I believe is in-line with your comments of why you prefer Kickstarter to Indiegogo
  2. The solution we are using is ocean shipping containers to the US meaning a shipping option that is cheaper but definitely slower. Although airfreight has a lot of positives, we agree that the shipping costs were much higher than the estimates, and we've taken in the feedback that people would rather pay less shipping, so we calculated those rates and input them into the survey
  3. Fees: For our eCommerce store, we charge 30% per transaction and that does not include the shipping costs but does cover all transaction fees and taxes if any. 6. Shopify. Shopify, the well-known e-commerce platform has decided to get into the post-crowdfunded products marketplace
  4. imum. We will contact you after the campaign to finalize shipping cost. At that time, you'll enter your shipping address and shipping options (insurance, etc.)
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This is very important to many backers. You should add this after the initial rush to your game to give you a reason for an update message. Reviews will go here, but save them for now. Don't post them yet. Shipping costs explained in detail. Probably the most confusing and annoying thing about Kickstarter is shipping As it turns out, it looks like Zero Zero Robotics has begun shipping the Hover 2, so let's look at why it was delayed. Shipping has begun. Upon looking over the information I received over the last few days, I checked the Kickstarter campaign to find an update released today. The title of the update is, We're shipping How I used Kickstarter to right the ship after a disastrous book launch. By: but with Kickstarter, you can charge a premium for your products and make the reason to back time based. which meant that every dollar went to paying off the shipping costs and the production costs. Now,.

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